The Michigan Plastination Laboratory, Inc. provides a couple of plastination services, including procuring and plastinating of human tissue and plastinating predissected human tissue from medical universities.

The primary service we provide is procuring/dissecting/plastinating of human tissue. With this, MI Plastination Lab is responsible for the procuring of the tissue used for our dissections that will go through our plastination process once it’s completed the dissection phase. We have standard dissections we provide; however, we are capable of doing custom dissections if our standard dissections don’t fit your needs. 

As a secondary service, we provide the plastination of pre-dissected tissue that comes from medical students. We understand that dissection is still a fundamental part of the anatomy curriculum, so MI Plastination Lab offers the ability to plastinate the dissections that are done by students in their anatomy lab, then return the finished plastinated specimen to that medical school. In this way, the tissue is not wasted and the dissections can be used for further teachings for our future generations of doctors and medical professionals.