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Educational Teaching Aids

Plastination of real human tissue that comes from a willed body program for educational teaching aids.

Plastination of Student Dissections

Instead of cremating or discarding tissue that is dissected by the students in their classroom, we offer Educational Institutions the opportunity to plastinate this tissue. In doing so, the tissue material can be used again and again for teaching future medical students.

Our Process

Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three

The procurement and embalming of the tissue material. Without this first and foremost step, we would not be able to do what we do.

Dissection is obviously a big part of our process. When schools contact us for their plastination project needs, it’s always with a certain type of dissection in mind to teach their students for our doctors of tomorrow.

The Acetone Phase is an integral part of our plastination process. This is the phase in which the body goes through a dehydration process to remove all of the bodily fluids.

Our Customers

  • Qatar University, College of Medicine
  • Chapman University Orange, CA